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Songs click to hear a sample of each

This track was written as a song to get things started. When I worked as a PT we would help the kids from their buses and say it was time to "wake 'em up and shake 'em up". This tune is meant to do just that. My kids Kai and Lena helped shout "Hey!" on this one. 
"No School Today"
Some days a kid just doesn't really feel like going to school - maybe just needs a little break ...
Several Times after a They Might Be Giants children's show an audience member approached and told me how much they loved that "archaeology" tune I sang. They actually meant "I Am a Paleontologist". I just thanked them for their kind words and decided to write a song called "Archaeology" - just to make things more confusing! 
"Champion of the Spelling Bee"
Lead Vocals by my son Kai Weinkauf with help in the breakdown chorus from Hannah Chiappisi. Lena W. and Jack and Leanna Sullivan shout "Mom" and "Dad". 
This track has been featured on TV by ESPN as part of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.
"Ice Cream (Healthy Eating)" 
I think most kids might agree with me on this one - part of being healthy is about feeling good and sometimes brussel sprouts might not be the answer (sorry parents). Michelle W and Kai W sing with me.
"The Ballad of Ben"
I hope that kids will like this one but the truth is this was written for the parents.
It tells the imaginary story of a non imaginary man named Ben who happens to play piano, write great songs, collaborate with William Shatner, and Pomplemouse, and judge on acapella TV shows.
After having the great fortune of touring in Australia, Tazmania, and New Zealand with 
They Might Be Giants, I thought it would be fun to honor these very cool creatures in a song. EG design is making a video for this song - check it out on my video page soon.
Lead Vocals by Kai W. This was written for a project that helped young children express themselves and learn new words to match their feelings.
"Our Love Fits"         Featuring LAURIE BERKNER
My friend Suzanne Luna wrote the lyrics for this one. She and I have been friends since middle school and now she's a big shot Hollywood TV director and currently directs for 
The Ellen Degeneres show. I've been told that this may be the 1st and only childrens' song to reference Mia Farrow. I blame Suzanne. 
"The Moon is Made of Cheese"
Sung in character voice (what part of Britain? - I don't know)...This is for the many folks who have told me that they believe the lunar landings were just a hoax.
"Whipped Cream"
Wacky music and a list of some fun stuff to eat spoken by Kai and Lena W. My friend Jeff Thall who mixed the album helped me out with some cool studio trickery and effects.
"Cast My Vote"
Lead Vocals by Kai W. - Hannah C., Michelle W., and I sing backing vocals. I think it is an amazing right of the citizens of this country to get to have a say in who is in charge of things. Sometimes the person who you hope is the best candidate does something silly that may surprise us... but, it's still important to Vote.
"Oh No, Oh Yeah"
Sometimes things get out of control...then we seem to get 'em under control ....until....
woops...out of control again.
"Together We Can Fly"
Lead vocals by Kai W. (when he was 11 yrs.) Suzanne Luna wrote lyrics on this one.
Sometimes you just feel a bit sentimental.
"Lullaby for Quinn"
Written for a beautiful little girl who lived around the corner from us. Her family's love helped to bring out the best in an entire community.
"Where Do They Make Balloons?"
A track from the first TMBG kids' album No!
It sounds like a fib, but this one came to me in a dream. A couple of hundred kids were all cramped in a backyard singing the chorus - there were balloons everywhere. When I woke up I finished the song.
"Number 2"
From the GRAMMY winning They Might Be Giants album Here Come the 123s. Along with TMBG I was able to attend the Grammy award celebrations twice (TMBG has had 3 nominations). I was so lucky to see many of my heroes play on the same stage including - Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Radiohead, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, U2, Eminem, Adele, Coldplay, MIA, Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Allan Tousaint, Cee lo, Bob Dylan, Avett Bros, Mumford and sons, Mick Jagger, BB King, Justin Timberlake, etc, etc...Woo!
"I Am a Paleontologist"
From the GRAMMY nominated TMBG album Here Comes Science. My son Kai was extremely excited by all things Dino when he was a young boy. As a result, it took me about 12 minutes to write these lyrics - It really helps to know your subject well. Later my son pointed out that I should have written velociraptor's "claw" rather than "jaw" (they are known for their sickle-shaped toe claw). He's a smarty-pants.
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