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Dinosaurs and Metaphors

Themes of these 15 original songs run the gamut of everyday life, from the joy of a lazy Saturday morning to a celebration of Monday. Kids who are enduring a haircut or the hiccups or even bugs on the toilet will find comedic relief here, and they’ll laugh along at the offbeat language lessons of “Your Love Is a Metaphor” or the idea of “Dinosaurs on Roller skates.” The album finishes with a raucous and affirmative rock anthem, “Superstar.”


A child’s world is a complicated place, and Danny Weinkauf likes to poke around its nooks and crannies, like an English muffin with dripping jelly. With Dinosaurs and Metaphors, Danny scrutinizes the mundane and the metaphysical from a kid’s frame of reference and wraps everything in a handy-dandy, enjoyable package.

Weinkauf performs expertly on guitars, bass, ukulele, piano, drums, and percussion. The various guest vocalists are excellent and the harmonies soaring.

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Inside I Shine gets Parents' Choice Award!

Education and entertainment blend seamlessly and tunefully in these mostly original, up-tempo songs by singer-musician and Grammy Award-winning film and TV composer Danny Weinkauf (who has also written songs for "They Might Be Giants" and has toured with TMBG as bassist). "Going to the Library" is an adventure into worlds of imagination; "Over and Under" is a catchy way to lock in the concept; "We Love to Verb"-in which the word "verb" itself becomes a verb-is a smart and audacious way to teach about action words. Another highlight: In "Hey Mr. Bus Driver," a kid takes bus rides to school, the beach, the zoo, the park, and more, and brings back memories to treasure. Weinkauf's tunes and vocals invite repeat listening, as does vocalist Tina Kenny Jones, adding her own pop pizzazz to some tracks. The musicianship is tops.

Grammy Award-winning artist and longtime bassist for They Might Be Giants Danny Weinkauf is back with his 4th album for children and families, Inside I Shine. Like the previous critically acclaimed albums from Weinkauf and his Red Pants Band, there is something on this album for everyone in the family. This time around, the tunes are focused on the interest of the band’s smallest fans.


Songs like “Going to the Library,” “B Is for Body,” “Over and Under,” “Teddy Bear,” “Pumpkins (Are My Favorite Fruit),” and the title track, are designed to get the young ones moving. “We are inspired by the tiniest tots who come to our shows and bop all around. They’re meant for playtime, but we hope the lyrics to the title song will instill self confidence in listeners. Teachers tell us they are great to use to complement early learning language and science concepts in the classroom,” says Danny, who is planning concerts with his three other Red Pants band mates Tina Kenny Jones, Russ Jones, and Steve Plesnarski this winter. Danny plays most of the instruments on these songs with Kenny Jones on vocals, while Danny’s wife Michelle sings lead on the title track, “Inside I Shine.” There are some sweet acoustic tracks sprinkled into this high-energy album. Kenny Jones, a musician and educator in her own right, sings her jaunty ukulele-laced original song “We Love To Verb,” Danny offers up his original piano demo version of his radio hit, “The Moon Is Made of Cheese,” providing an interesting counterpart to the rock version fans have come to know.

Featuring positive-message songs especially for the littlest budding music fans, Inside I Shine is brimming with pep, vim, and vigor, ideal for playtime, children's parties, or pure lyrical fun. Highly recommended!

Midwest Book Review

" These are upbeat and lively songs, which have helped teachers in the classroom to complement early learning language and science concepts. ...  This album will have youngsters bouncing and bopping all around."
~ Bookworm Bev

Totally Osome! is the third album from Danny Weinkauf and his Red Pants Band. These 16  original songs span various styles and genres, all inviting listeners to get up and move to their catchy beats and melodies. 5 of the songs have already received steady rotation on kids radio world wide. The album is available now at:, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc.


TOTALLY OSOME! makes best of year lists for 2017!

we are very happy and proud to be included on best of the year lists at:

Fids and Kamily, Philspicks, Musicalmerrygoround, and Youngatheart.

Featuring sixteen original songs that run a gamut of different styles and genres, Totally Osome! is brimming with energy, vigor, and educational topics ranging from geology to transportation to how to sing the alphabet backwards. Totally Osome! is just plain fun, and highly recommended for family time and public library children's music collections.

Try out "Sunshine Sunny Sun Sunshine Day" and then tell me it doesn’t make you grateful to be alive. And Osome is somehow both educational and infectious, joyful and chill, upbeat and grounding.

DW practically oozes gratitude for life and other humans in this collection of songs that, every time it comes onto the iPod, causes my wife to say “Oh, this is really good.” She is far pickier than I am.

"Danny Weinkauf and the Red Pants band have created another album full of smart pop songs that stick with you in the best ear-worm fashion. With hooky melodies and perfect harmonies, this new release is another gem from Danny and the band, and the music is perfect for our listeners of all ages here on Young At Heart.”
​-- Lisa Mathews, "Young at Heart" show, WTMD FM radio​

" the kindie equivalent of Dave Grohl...:"

"if you want a CD that you can crank up and make passerbys wonder, "What are they making their kids listen to?" then this is a TOTALLY OSOME! recommendation for you. " MrJeff2000.

Hey Everybody, thanks to all of you who helped us in our PledgeMusic drive. It was a huge success! Our new album Red Pants Band is now completed and available at : iTunes, Amazon, and

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Power packed with 15 infectiously catchy and memorable tunes, the album offers fun beats and intelligent educational topics from cloud science and botany to astronomy and individuality. Red Pants Band features six different singers and a wide range of musical styles.

Guest performers include the woman behind several TMBG hits, Robin Goldwasser, Beach Boys musical director Scott Totten, Danny's wife Michelle and son Kai, and Red Pants Band's own Tina Kenny Jones. Three of the albums tracks, "Only One You", "Picky Eaters,” and "My Magic Helicopter" have already received extensive play on SiriusXM Kids Place Live and other radio shows.

Here's what folks are saying about Red Pants Band

          Red Pants Band by Danny Weinkauf is a  

          Winner of a 2016 Family Choice Award!

The "Family Choice Awards" recognize the best in Children’s and
Parenting products.  Now in its 21st year, the "Family Choice Award”
is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer award programs in
the nation.

                    RED PANTS BAND by Danny Weinkauf

           - Best Albums of 2016

                    recognized as one of the country's most reliable and respected

                    family friendly blogs for the past several years.

Grammy winner Weinkauf, longtime bassist for They Might Be Giants, wrote several of the band’s popular children’s tunes, including “I Am a Paleontologist.” He also wrote the ditty “B is For Build” for “Sesame Street.” His own new kindie album “Red Pants Band” is sure to delight families. Top tracks include the winsome “Look at the Clouds,” the zestful “Botany,” the breezy “Helicopter,” the rocking “Picky Eater,” a joyous “One Big Happy Family” and one about Mom’s special gift - “Eyes in the Back of Her Head.” With loads of energy, clever lyrics and irrespressible melodies, these songs will instantly hold the kids’ attention. And parents will soon be singing and bouncing along, too.

It has very poppy, fun, and power packed tunes that includes interesting and intellectual topics from astronomy to botany….and some hilarious songs like “Driving Me Crazy” thrown in for good measure. Go check it out – NOW!  Yes, right now.

Danny has a kid sense that I admire. He marries creative songs with his band's kick-butt musicianship, and the results are songs that the entire family can embrace and sing together.
Paul Butler, host of WFDU's Kids Crossroads


This album is one of those special albums that children and adults will love (I promise you’ll enjoy this one with your children!). It’s upbeat and fun and educational!

You may recall Danny Weinkauf from such previous blog posts as “What’s the Deal With Danny Weinkauf,” and I am happy to say that his current deal is an excellent new album called “Red Pants Band.” With a sound that somehow straddles the sound of They Might Be Giants (of which he is a member) and the British Invasion bands of the ’60s, Weinkauf’s voice is both gentle and exciting as he passionately sings about everything from clouds to annoying parents. Plus he sings his own theme song, which I am always a fan of! (Red Pants Band is out now!)

The whole family LOVED Danny’s previous album, “No School Today”, so we were anxious to give this one a listen. If you like Danny Weinkauf, They Might Be Giants, or perfectly melodic infectiously peppy rock with an occasional clever educational twist, “Red Pants Band” is the album for you! Overall, we give Danny Weinkauf’s new album “Red Pants Band” an outstanding "AWESOME"!

If you haven’t picked up “Red Pants Band” yet, you should! You will not be disappointed.


No School Today

The Best Kids and Family Music of 2014

9th Annual Fids and Kamily Award Winners

 No School Today # 6 !


No School Today - A Parents' Choice Award Winner!

16 tracks that are lyrically and musically original, zany, and loads of fun. Weinkauf performs at full throttle through songs including Archaeology "Arc Arc Arc Arc Archaeology, We'll survey around the grounds seeking data that abounds Then postulate on what we've found will our reasoning be sound?..." to The Kidney That Lived in Four People, (with special guest Hank Green) "There once was a kidney that lived in four people and I'm not even making this up It's the craziest thing from the wonders of science yeah, I can't get enough of this stuff…" Guest vocalist Laurie Berkner seems to spoon with Weinkauf in Our Love Fits " - See more at:

Parents' Choice Awards


This CD was fantastic! Perfect for kids as they are getting out of school for the summer.

What I loved about this CD was the variety of song styles. The first song Hey was only one word the entire song.. Hey!

Our Love Fits was a great folk style song with a ukulele. The Ballad of Ben felt like an oldies with fantastic piano playing. Everything from Rock to Pop to Folk to Instrumental. The variety kept the pace and kept me personally listening to see what was next! Super CD that will be great for the entire family!


The album, which features his children singing on a few of the songs, has many of the trademark TMBG features, including intelligent lyrics that do double duty by building vocabulary, energetic rhythms that get kids dancing and singing, and fun wordplay with some winks for grown-ups.The songs cover everything from marsupials to archaeology to ice cream and include some great messages (such as a song about a spelling bee that illustrates the power of hard work). Weinkauf's children pitch in on vocals, as does Laurie Berkner in a sweet duet called "Our Love Fits."


They Might Be Giants’ bassist Danny Weinkauf throws his voice into family music with a winning effort, No School Today. This upbeat collection of original tunes includes an adorable duet with Laurie Berkner (“Our Love Fits”) and a salute to science (“Archaeology”). “Ambivalent” may or may not become a favorite.


"No matter the track on this musically diverse release, Weinkauf clearly knows how to play to his audience…and I’m thinking that’s exactly what my daughter picked up on. If he can continue to tap into this reserve of original sounds and spot-on lyrics, he can count on a growing fan base. In a Nutshell: A good excuse to play hookey, if ever there was one. Packed with plenty of unforgettable tunes, this just-released kids’ CD is an education in itself."


"This smart-pop CD features rousing rockers and clever, kid-centered odes to voting, spelling bees and archeology. "


I love checking out new music! Especially GREAT new music and Danny Weinkauf’s “No School Today” would fall into this category. This album is just as enjoyable for me as it is for my five kids! The songs are upbeat, but not childish. They are hilarious, but not over-the-top. The pop-rock genre had my kids rockin’ out the first time they listened to it.  Their favorite song was (of course) “No School Today.” You can totally hear the They Might Be Giants vibe from the opening line. The solo midway through the song was awesome too! This album would be a great addition to any music collection!


His first single, No School Today, is as smart, funny, and musically awesome as you might expect from someone with such credentials.


Danny Weinkauf's kids' music debut is a welcome addition to the Kindie Rock genre, and fans of power pop tunes and cartoon theme songs will love No School Today. Children's music


"This album is filled with lots of fun, but also lots of fun things to learn - like what is a bandicoot, and when did man first go to the moon.  From the different voices to instruments to different sounds, No School Today will keep you entertained.  Both of my kids enjoyed this CD, and it was nice to have something that we could all agree on.  Sometimes my older daughter (age 7) complains that music is too young for her, and my younger complains that she doesn't like the music.  Not only do the kids enjoy this, we (parents) enjoy it too!"


Whether composing for hit television shows, GRAMMY albums, or branching out to a solo career, it's clear that Danny Weinkauf knows what childhood is all about. This album fits perfectly into our family collection, as I'm sure it will yours, too.


I totally love all the songs in No School Today. My 6 year old daughter loves it probably even more. Not only are the songs fun they are also educational. This is great music for the whole family.


whether you just feel like playing a little hooky or it truly is a school-free day for your family, No School Today will keep your brain entertained, engaged and excited about music.


the beauty of this entire album is that even the smartest lyrics will be gobbled up by the kids because of music in which they are wrapped.


nicely-crafted, excellent, singable power-pop songs for the very young.

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