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Only One YOu

Champion of the Spelling Bee (official)

Ice Cream (healthy eating)

Look at Those Clouds

Cast My Vote

Eyes in the

Back of Her Head

The Kidney That Lived In Four People

(official video).

"I Am a Paleontologist"

    with TMBG.

"Number Two" with TMBG.


N Then We Danced

A Super Fun

Fan Video!



The Ballad of Ben

Scripps National Spelling Bee Open music by DW

"Our Love Fits"

(with Laurie Berkner)

a fan video by 16 yr old

Amber Smith


Scripps National Spelling Bee Tease music by DW


with TMBG

Champion of the Spelling Bee LYRICS

No School Today


"I am a Paleontologist" Live!

the moon is made of Cheese (piano)

Alphabet Tebahpla

Band Profile

  by MyLITV

  Josh Wein

the Moon is made of Cheese (rock)


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